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Web Software Development Service

Web Software Development

Web software are pages that can be accessed through internet browsers and that users can interact with. Unlike static web pages that we often encounter in the past, dynamic web pages are more preferred in today's digital age. Web software can be prepared using various programming languages and can be customised according to the specified purposes.

In this era of accelerated digital transformation, many actors, from companies to individual entrepreneurs, from public institutions to non-governmental organisations, use websites to demonstrate their online presence. Websites have become one of the most important tools representing the digital identity of their owners. However, having only the basic components (a domain name, a server and a basic web software) is often insufficient when creating a website. A simple and sloppy website can damage the digital image of your brand or organisation.

Therefore, it is critical to choose a professional web software to best reflect your digital identity. A customised web design can reflect the uniqueness and quality of your brand, increasing your prestige in the eyes of potential customers or visitors. This not only creates a strong digital image, but also contributes to the growth of your business.

In Which Areas Web Software is Used?

Web software is found in every corner of the digital world: Web sites, online games, business tracking systems, business automation, management panels and e-commerce platforms are just a few examples of such software. However, they are not limited to these application areas; web software are flexible tools that can be customised according to specific needs and offer a wide range of solutions.

Behind the unlimited structure of web software lies the fact that they have many different programming languages. Web software prepared with many programming languages such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, PHP offers the most suitable solutions for your needs. Expert software developers decide which language will best meet which need, and create wonders with these languages.

In the realisation phase of your project, you only need to convey your needs and vision in detail to your agency or software company. Professional teams then take this information and offer the most optimal solution for you. However, in this process, the success of your project largely depends on the expertise and experience of the company you cooperate with. Therefore, it is essential to make a careful preliminary research and make the right choice when choosing a software company.

What are Popular Web Software Languages?


It is an object-oriented programming language used for the development of web applications. PHP, which once stood for "Personal Home Page", is now known as "Hypertext Preprocessor". This language, which is preferred for dynamic websites and applications, forms the infrastructure of sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Wordpress, which are large platforms.


It is a web development framework written in Python and named after the famous jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. This framework was created to make complex web applications simpler and more accessible. Thanks to its modular structure, it can be easily read and developed for software developers.


Laravel is a web development framework that adopts the principles of object-oriented programming and encompasses all the capabilities of PHP. It is known with the slogan "The Web Artists' Framework", which means that Laravel allows to develop great projects with its user-friendly and flexible structure. Easy-to-use syntax and flexible code structure are the main reasons for Laravel's popularity.


It is a server-based web development environment built on Microsoft's .NET platform. The term "server-based" implies that ASP.NET must run on a web server. Whereas other languages work on the client side, ASP.NET takes a server-oriented approach.

These descriptions summarise the general characteristics and uses of the technologies mentioned. Which technology you choose according to your area of expertise depends entirely on your requirements and the nature of your project.

Customised Web Software Solutions

Having a web software distinguishes your brand from your competitors. Adopting customised web software increases the awareness and prestige of your brand. In cooperation with you, we analyse your company's needs in detail and develop unique software accordingly. By highlighting your brand value and following current technology trends, we offer quality web software services with our expert team.

The performance of the software is directly related to how efficiently it runs on the server. If unoptimised queries run slowly or cause errors, it is usually due to server overload. Therefore, it is essential that each module is written with effective and efficient code.

As Brunsia, we prioritise high performance queries in our projects. The software developed by our experts is created with short and effective codes. Our server-oriented software development principle ensures that queries in web projects run fast and error-free. As a result of detailed analyses, you can easily see how optimised and effective Brunsia software is.

How The Process Works?


Which age category is your targeted customer or visitor segment? Is the product or service you will offer female or male orientated? Will you operate in a specific geographical area or in a national or international area? Such questions help you define your target demographic and guide the design process.


Coding is an indispensable part of web design. You can create a block of code that can be written in 100 lines in 20 lines to provide the same function. The more compact and effective code structure you have, the faster your website will load. Speed is essential for users who visit your website.


A detailed testing process should be implemented to ensure that your website runs smoothly, that all links are active, and that your site is compatible with different devices and browsers. Minor coding errors can sometimes lead to major problems. Although detecting and correcting these errors is a time-consuming and challenging process, this step should not be skipped to ensure quality.

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