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As Brunsia, we provide professional web design services. Please get information about our web site prices for corporate companies.

Web Design

Web Design

Brunsia, as a pioneer in web design, has been serving with original approaches in the sector since 2010. With our customer-oriented approach, we promise you not just a website, but to shape the digital face of your brand.

With our experienced team, we have Turkey's largest custom web design and software portfolio. Beyond ready-made solutions, we develop innovative and impressive websites that reflect the unique corporate identity of each company.

By prioritising user experience, we create platforms that everyone can easily access and use. We closely follow the latest technological developments and integrate them into our projects. For us, a website is the most valuable asset of your brand in the digital world.

We design your dream site to meet customer expectations at the highest level. In corporate projects, we prepare sites that represent you in the best way by prioritising the colour and values of your brand.

Web design is the process of planning, creating and implementing the visual structure and user experience of websites on the internet. Experts in this field use a variety of tools and technologies to provide website visitors with both an aesthetic and functional experience.

The basic components of web design are:

Visual Design: Determination of visual elements such as colour palette, typography, visual hierarchy and general aesthetics.

User Interface Design (UI): Designing interactive elements such as buttons, menus, forms and general page structure. Creating all graphics and animations that the user will encounter while interacting with the site.

User Experience Design (UX): Plans made to ensure that the user can navigate comfortably and effectively within the website. Creating the most suitable site structure for user needs and expectations.

Research: Target audience analysis, determination of user needs and creation of the design for these needs.

Responsive Design: Designs made to ensure that the website is compatible with different screen sizes and devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Content: Appropriate placement and formatting of content elements such as text, images and videos.

Interactive: Adding animations, transitions and other dynamic elements to allow the user to interact with the site.

Web design is not only a visual design, but also has a great impact on the usability, interactivity and overall user experience of a website. Therefore, an effective web design helps users have a positive experience when they visit a website.

How to Make a Custom Designed Website?

It offers you customised solutions to make you stand out from the ordinary and make a difference. If you want to be one step ahead of your competitors in the sector, you can realise this goal by choosing us. We develop user-friendly websites that fully reflect your vision. In addition, the services we offer are in the economic price range, so you can enjoy a quality service without straining your budget.

If you want to stand out from your competitors and expand your customer base, you need an original and impressive web design. While originality attracts the attention of your potential customers, quality content and design keeps them on your site. As Brunsia, we closely follow the innovations in the sector and offer you the most up-to-date solutions. We are here to be a partner in your success; we aim to take you one step ahead in the sector with our high quality and professional services.

How Should A Good Web Design Be?

A good web design is a design that attracts the user's attention and offers him not only a visual pleasure but also a useful and informative experience. The features that a good web design should have are as follows:

User Friendly: It should enable the user to easily access the information they are looking for, navigation should be easy.

Mobile Compatibility: Today, many users visit websites via mobile devices. For this reason, it is essential that the design works smoothly on mobile devices.

Fast Loading: Users do not want to spend much time on slow loading sites. Web design must be optimised.

Clear and Simple: Complex and intense designs can scare the user. It should use a light colour palette, clear fonts and simple graphics.

Content Driven: No matter how good the visual design is, if the content is of poor quality, the number of visitors may decrease. It should offer quality, up-to-date and original content.

Visual Quality: Professional and high quality images add value to the site. Also, optimised images are critical for site speed.

SEO Friendly: It is important that the web design is optimised for search engines to attract more visitors.

Security: Especially for e-commerce sites, user data must be secure.

Interaction: Adding elements that encourage users to interact with the site (forms, comment sections, etc.) enriches the user experience.

Brand Compatible: The design of the website should be in harmony with the identity of the company or brand. Colours, fonts and style should reflect the overall image of the brand.

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